Turn any website into a live video chat party with Rounds Live

Rounds live is a social platform that combines live communication and social activities; allowing friends to experience things together. With Rounds, up to 12 friends can get together, send text messages, watch videos, browse Facebook together etc all while video chatting across networks, operating systems and devices.

It’s a free multi-platform video chat application that’s available on Windows, Android and IOS. Here’s how it works.

Visit Rounds website, register for a free account and install its Chrome extension (if you’re using Windows). After you’ve installed, you’ll see Rounds icon (top right of your Chrome browser). Visit any website and click on the icon to start.


Next step is to start inviting your friends. You can invite up to 12 friends with whom you can start public / video chat while browsing the same website.


And that’s it. You will definitely have the perfect video chat experience with loads of fun and memorable activities. You can use the Rounds Live extension on ANY web page. All you need to do is got to any URL and click on the extension to open your own room.


Download Rounds Live

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