How To Find The Path Of The Files / Folders On MAC

Macintosh finder window is an excellent place to organise the files. It provides lots of features which are not at all familiar to the end-users. The Operating System provides many ways to view the files. The files can be viewed as icons, in a list, columns or with Cover Flow. Columns would be the best option to view and work with the files. It is even very easy way to preview the files. The well organised Finder window will increase the productivity.

A lot of MAC users would have searched to find the path of the file or the folder. When the users work with some files, they need to know the path. There are couple of ways to find it. Here are some of them.

Enabling Path Bar

Open Finder. Go to “View” –> “Show Path Bar”

Finder Path


Info Window

Open Finder. Go to “File” –> “Get Info”. The “Where” attribute will reveal the path

Finder Path


Finder Path


Terminal Window

Open Terminal. Drag and Drop the file of folder in it to view the path of it


Finder Path

Through Go to Folder option

Open Finder. Click on “Go” –> “Go to Folder”. Drag and Drop the file or folder in it to find the path. Make sure the previous entry is cleared.

Finder Path


Finder Path

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