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Who doesn’t love to watch a good TV series? I follow at-least 3 – 4 good shows and my top favorite is Game of thrones. Sure, I know what day it airs but I probably can’t follow everything because of ‘work, home, work, home’ routine.

I recently stumbled upon an awesome free application for Windows that gives you the ability to track and view your favorite TV show easily. It’s called ‘epCheck’. Backed up by, you can search for any TV show that you like or want to follow.

The interface is pretty simple, 4 tabs; namely “series, weekly, search and option” that can be used to get all the information you need.


After installing, click on ‘series search’ and in the search tab, type the name of the show you want to follow.


I searched for (obviously) ‘Game of Thrones’ and it popped right up there. Clicking on ‘add series’ will add it to the application. Click back on the series tab and you’ll see it there. Upon highlighting it’s name, you’ll be able to see series overview (bottom left), episodes list, air date and it’s title.


You’ll notice that the episode that was recently aired for the show is highlighted in green which is very helpful. You can also right click on any episode and mark it as watched or un-watched. Another awesome feature is that it also gives you the episode overview of any episode upon clicking in bottom left corner.

Conclusion: If you love watching TV-shows and want to follow them with ease, epCheck is for you.

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