5 Best Android Apps To Clean And Optimize Your Device

Smartphones like iPhone, make their own hardware and it has a standard design but Android Smartphones have a different scenario. Since Android is one of the most used mobile operating systems, it has plenty of manufacturers around the world. So, it is quite difficult to deliver the same performance in all devices running the same version of Android. That’s why we have plenty of apps to optimize your device to enhance its efficiency. So, today I’ve come with a list of applications to clean and optimize your Android devices to boost the performance. The list  is as follows.


Clean Master

Clean Master is one of the popular optimizing applications for Android. It clears the Cache and all the junk files in your system. By cleaning the unwanted data, it will free up the device’s RAM memory and it will automatically boost the performance. Also, there will be a One-Tap Boost button to instantly clear all the junk data from RAM. There will be an inbuilt security system in the app which protects your device from all  the viruses, trojans, etc. Clean Master will highlight the unused apps on your device, to save your memory and improve the performance.

The Cleaner – Speed Up & Clean

If you are using an Android device having a low internal memory, this is a must have app on your device. It quickly clears  the unwanted data and boost the performance of your device. Rooted devices can move the apps to SD Card but for non-rooted devices it is not possible. So, if any, unused app lowers the performance of your device, The Cleaner will let you know and ask you to uninstall the application. Optimizing your device will save a lot of battery usage and this app offers different themes to customize your home screen.

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Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer

Memory Booster monitors the device’s memory usage in real time and provide a live chart about the unwanted apps and data. The inbuilt task killer will terminate those apps and Cache cleaner will delete the unwanted data. You can add apps to “Whitelist”, to avoid closing it accidentally. Task killer will automatically exclude the apps in White list while displaying apps using large memory. You have different home screen widgets to quickly boost the performance of your device with just a tap on the optimize button.


1Tap Cleaner

1Tap Cleaner is an all-in-one unwanted data cleaning application for Android. It will clear all the cache, browser history, call log, text messages, etc. If you have a low internal memory on your device, this will clear all the unwanted data quicker than you normally do. You can add home screen widgets for all these actions and quickly clean your device, whenever you feel slow. Also, you can automate this cleaning process at different intervals to retain the same performance in your device. 1Tap Cleaner has an option to set a specific Cache value and if any app exceeds that, it will let you know.

Android Booster

Android Booster quickly optimizes your device and improve the performance of the battery. The inbuilt battery manager has four preset modes to save your battery life. Also, you can create a personalized battery saving mode to improve the battery’s efficiency in your device. Similar to other apps, you have one touch home screen widgets to optimize and improve the performance of your device. It will let you know about the most power consuming apps and the app manager will monitor and close all the unused apps on your device. android booster These are the five best optimizing applications, which helps you to boost the performance of your Android device. If I’ve missed any of your favorite optimizing apps for Android, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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