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I love to play music in the background whenever I’m working, playing computer games or just browsing around. I mostly stream my music from YouTube, pretty sure most of us do the same. Sure, I’ve created playlists in my hard drive as well but instead of downloading everything, I find it easier to just stream it.

I recently came across a Google Chrome extension called “Streamus”. It simply turns YouTube into a music player making streaming easier. After installing the extension, you’ll spot an “S” icon on top right. Click on it and Streamus will open, along-with a few options. You can, from there, search for songs, manage your playlists and much more.


On the right panel, you can manage your playlists, on the left panel, you can search for songs that you want to hear and add to a playlist.


With Streamus, you can also set songs to repeat or shuffle, switch between different playlists, or save and remove songs from the listing again. It’s a pretty straight forward app that definitely works!


When you’re searching for music, as soon you’ve found the songs that you’d like to add to your playlist, just click on the save icon on each of them and you’ll be shown the recent playlists. You can either save them there or create a new one.

Since it just streams the music, you won’t be able to see any song’s video which basically is a good thing, less bandwidth usage and it acts properly like a music player.

Download Streamus

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