How To Record Video In QuickTime On MAC

Macintosh provides great stuffs to its users. It offers lots of options in-built. The users have to explore more to get amazed with Macintosh operating system. Apple has added many new features, revamped the entire design and performance in Mavericks. It is more optimised and organised to work with. They addressed battery draining issue also in the new release of Mac OS X.

As it has got lots of in-built stuffs, It lets the users to record videos using the QuickTime Player. It’s not necessary to use any other third-party applications to record videos on MAC. QuickTime Player will serve the purpose. Audio files are encoded with AAC format and Video files are rendered in H.264 format. The encoders might vary depend upon the computer machine’s configuration. Follow the instruction to record the video using QuickTime Player.

Step 1:

Open “QuickTime Player”

Step 2:

Go to File. Click on “New Movie Recording”

Movie Recording - MAC

Step 3:

Click on the down arrow to choose the audio, video source and decide the quality of the movie from High and Maximum

Step 4:

Click on recording button

Movie Recording - MAC

Step 5:

Click on stop button, once after the recording is done

Step 6:

Go to File. Click on Save. Choose the location and Save

Movie Recording - MAC




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