How To View All Apps In Single Screen On Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 is the good start to switch from PC to Tablets. It is primarily designed for the tablets, smartphones and other handheld devices. Windows 8 is much improved from the other Microsoft Operating Systems. The users feel more light when they use the operating system. Microsoft has brought lots of new gestures in Windows 8. They made many features are easily accessible. But some of the users feel little discomfort to switch to Windows 8.

It will be a massive challenge for Microsoft to target and enter the mobile market with Windows 8. Microsoft has launched Windows 8.1 couple of months ago. In April ’14, they released the stable version of Windows 8.1 (v6.3.9600.17041). Microsoft has totally revamped the working system of the PCs. The users have to update and adopt themselves to work with the Windows 8. One of the issues that the users will think about is the Windows Start Screen. This start screen will be greatly useful for the handheld devices’ users.

But the PC users situation would be little pathetic when they have lots of apps installed it the computer. All apps cannot viewed on one screen. People have to go through multiple pages to get the desired app to work with. There is an easy solution to solve this issue and make it more useful. Watch below to know how to make it.


Windows 8 Start Screen


Press Control key and Scroll the mouse or Trackpad would do the trick. The same can be achieved which you can do for the same action to happen.

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