Clipular: Screen Capturing And Bookmarking At One Place (Google Chrome)

We see a lot going on online, there are moments that we want to capture and share. The old fashioned “print screen, paste in ms paint, save and upload” options can and is a hassle. Yes, there are numerous applications that give you the ability to capture an entire webpage or a portion of it easily but Clipular comes with a few more handy options.

With Clipular you can capture, share and bookmark any portion or entire page that’s in-front of you and upload it automatically. After that you can search, share and even organize those moments into collections. Here’s how it works.

After you’ve registered for a free account, install the chrome extension and you’re good to go. Pressing the ALT button twice will bring up the screen capture and you can from there choose the whole webpage or any portion of the page using your mouse. You can also bring the screen capture / scissors tool by clicking on its extension icon and clicking on scissors. Holding alt or option key will disable auto snap.


You’ll notice after capturing the image, you won’t get an option to save it on your computer since they’re automatically being saved online to your account which can be found at

To capture the entire screenshot of a page, you can either double click alt or option key + spacebar or click on the extension icon and click on camera. Another awesome feature of Clipular is that if you want to capture only an image, bringing the mouse over to the image will automatically select it, just click and it’ll be saved online to your account.

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Visit your dashboard after you’ve captured your images to share them, add notes to them etc. You can, with one click on a button, share these on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+. If you have saved 5 or more images in your dashboard, you can also make a collection out of them. Click on +Group (green icon on top left) and select the images you want to make a collection of.

All in all, Clipular is a great service that’s simple, straightforward and accurate.

Check out Clipular here.



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