How To Clean Browser’s History In Single Click On Firefox Using Click & Clean App

Nowadays, The computers are dead machines without the internet. It connects the computer to the world and keep it alive all the time. It gets all information whatever you want. All these activities are happening through browsers. The browsers will have all the information which you have entered to fetch you the webpages in light speed. It will store the information temporarily to load the pages faster.

It handles temporary files and folders, caches, forms, password information and a lot more. It starts to hold sensitive data when the users browse more on the internet using this browser. It should be handled and cleaned properly, If the user don’t want get caught with personal data breach. The browsers provide the privilege to delete these information. But this would be little hard for the end-users to search for the settings and go through the tabs. To overcome this, Click & Clean guys have come up with the great solution.


Click & Clean


Click & Clean can be downloaded from here. It lets the user to clean internet history, temporary files, privacy data and a lot more in single click. After the installation, It sits next to the URL bar and it can be easily accessible. It additionally grants the feature to view the Cache Viewer, Permission Manager, Private Browsing, Privacy Tabs and Cookies. It even has an option to Close the tab and Close all tabs.

Click & Clean

It enables the users to access the default browser settings to do this and grants them to do all the aforementioned things in single click. The user can set the browsers information deletion at certain intervals. It supports to add the external application such as scripts which should run after the completion of cleaning such as bleachbit. Bleachbit frees disk space and protects privacy for you.

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This addon is available for Firefox and Chrome browsers.



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