Download Instagram Pictures And Videos Easily with Save-o-Gram On Your PC

Instagram is well known for sharing your moments with friends, family and even public. The amount of pictures and videos uploaded on Instagram is massive and you can’t possibly download all of your favorites easily. We recently came across Save-o-gram Instagram Downloader. It’s an awesome application that gives you the ability to download photos from any Instagram account in their original format or in a .zip file. It’s an small application, on only 1.5mb, comes with a simple yet interactive interface that anyone can use.

Save-o-gram Instagram Downloader

Here’s how it works. After installing Save-o-gram, launch it and you’ll see a bar on top. Enter any instagram username or link and you’ll see all their pictures and videos uploaded to their account.

Save-o-gram Instagram Downloader

Along-with their photo/video stream, you’ll also find a few options. You can, from there, either select all the pictures of that account or manually select the ones you want to download. You can also search pictures using tags. The slider option on top right will give you the ability to change the size of the thumbnails.

Save-o-gram Instagram Downloader

After selecting the pictures or videos, click on “Download Selected Photos” and it will save them in JPEG format to the destination folder. You can also save them in ZIP format.

Save-o-gram Instagram Downloader

You can also print any photo you want to directly with Save-o-gram. Select the picture and click on “Print”. It’ll automatically bring out the printer settings and all you’ve to do is click on Print.

All in all, If you’re looking to easily download any picture or video of an Instagram account, you can do it with Save-o-gram.

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Downloaded Save-o-gram Instagram Downloader



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