How To Easily Restrict Applications on Windows With Simple Run Blocker

There are times when you need to restrict certain applications, especially on computers that are being used by children. Of-course, you can go with the hard route by using built-in packages that come with windows or use this simple application called Simple Run Blocker. Simple Run blocker is an portable application which means you don’t even have to install it. Just unzip the file and launch it. It gives to the ability to restrict any application by either pointing out the source or simply drag and drop it in it’s window.

Here’s how it works.

Download the application, unzip and run. A small window will open with a few icons.

Simple Run Blocker

The + sign gives you the ability to add applications that you want to block, – sign lets you remove the applications from the list, that’s about it. You can also drag and drop any app that you want to restrict from usage.

Simple Run Blocker

After adding an application, you can choose from couple of options listed on top right. You can either block all except the ones listed below or only block the mentioned/added apps. After adding the application, click on the tick (purple icon) to save settings.

Simple Run Blocker

Whenever someone tries to open a restricted application, a dialog window will pop up with an error message. It’s simple, it’s fast and does the job as advertised. All in all, it’s free.

Download Simple Run Blocker

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