An Easy Way To Record Sound On MAC

In Macintosh, apple has made lots of tasks can be done easily and quickly with the inbuilt applications. Media recording is one among them. Many of the users would have searched online about how to record media in MAC. They would have end up with some third party applications. Here is an inbuilt application available. QuickTime Player will serve the purpose. It is very professional in recording audio, movie and screen recording.

Apple has its own audio formats such as *.m4a for audio, *.m4r for ringtones and couple of other formats available. iPhone will only support ringtone files in *.m4r format. QuickTime Player records the audio in *.m4a format. Majority of the audio player applications would play *.mp3 audio files. This m4a format can easily be converted into mp3 through iTunes. The iTunes encoder format has to be changed to convert these files into mp3 format. Here is a way to record audio files using QuickTime player.

Step 1:

Open QuickTime Player

Step 2:

Go to File. Click on “New Audio Recording”

Audio Recording MAC

Step 3:

Click on recording button

Audio Recording MAC

Step 4:

Click on stop button, once after the recording is done

Audio Recording MAC

Step 5:

Go to File. Click on Save. Choose the location and Save

Audio Recording MAC

This file will be saved and can be played back using QuickTime player. The file has to be converted to mp3 format to play in the universal players.

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