Best application to be more productive in Windows – Launchy

To be more productive, the computer machine users will use keyboard shortcuts to accomplish the tasks. The users will love working with the computer machines, If the keyboard shortcuts have been used. The users don’t even need to take off their hands from the keyboard. It will increase the productivity level more. Launchy would have known this and come up with this great tool.

Launchy - Windows

Windows search bar will let the users to search the programs. But Launchy has gone way beyond that. It lets them to open the applications, files and folders. The users can input ome simple math to do calculation. The URLs can be typed in Launchy to open it in the default browser. The system applications can also be opened using this. It can be launched using default keys alt + spacebar. 


There are reasonable number of plug-ins which are developed by other developers, available for Launchy. Killy is one of the impressive tool  to give you the access to end the running applications without heading to the Task Manager. Tasky, Todolist, Special Folders and couple of other plug-ins are available to add the value to this tool. Download and add them to explore more. Default skins can also be changed from the settings.

In settings, The opacity, fade-in and fade-out time can be edited. User Interface and System options can also be changed to be more precise and productive. This app will surely reduce the time in fetching the applications, files, folders and much more.

It will run on Windows, MAC OS X and Linux. The user has to download the respective application from the developer website. The stable release is Version 2.5 and users can download the latest beta version also.

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