Wired Marker To Highlight Contents On Firefox Browser

On these days, majority of the people do own computer machines to surf the internet. To browse through the internet, We need the browser applications. Windows has Internet Explorer and Macintosh has Safari browsers inbuilt. Except these there are quite good number of browsers available in the market. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are among them. These are very stable for browsing as well as for web development.

When we browse through the internet, people do think of highlighting some lines on the webpages to find it back. It will be more useful, If the highlighting resides permanently after closing the webpage. Wired Marker does this in very smart way. It is a permanent highlighter, more user-friendly and easy to use. The user has to install this add-on from the Firefox Add-ons and restart the browser. Wired Marker tab will be available in the browser menu tab.


Make Wired Marker sidebar visible from the menu. Highlight the text in the webpage. Drag it to the sidebar where the colour tags available. The selected content will be highlighted in that colour. Even if the user closes and opens the browser again, It will still highlight the content. The colour and font of the highlighted item can be editable at anytime.

You can use electronic bookmark feature to select the content in the webpage. The webpage can be opened from the highlighted bookmarks which you made. The users can create notes for the selected content in page. It will let the users to export and save the content in the folders to a file. It is very useful. It allows the users to search the content from the highlight bookmarks. The bookmarks can be deleted at any time.

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