How To Disable Parallax Effect In iOS 7 On iPhone

Apple released iOS 7 in last september ’13. It added lots of new features including parallax effect. This effect makes the iPhone acts like multilayered, on which the apps and background resides on the the separate planes. iPhone’s gyroscope and accelerometer make this feasible. iPhone accelerometer sends the signals about how it is being held. This allows the iPhone to change it’s direction according to the movement of the device.

It lets the iPhone to have live wallpapers active. Although it is a pretty good feature, It drains up the battery power. Few people have felt that it causes motion sickness as it zooms in and zooms out the apps. Apple does provide an option to turn on / off this feature. Here is what to do, If you want to.

Step 1:

Go to “Settings”

Step 2:

Tap on “General”

Step 3:

Choose “Accessibility”

iPhone Parallax Effect

Step 4:

Go to “Reduce Motion”

Step 5:

Toggle the button to turn on “Reduce Motion”

iPhone Parallax Effect


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