How To Change WiFi Connection Priority Order On MAC

Macintosh laptops have inbuilt wifi adapter to connect to the internet. The users have to turn on wifi in the MAC to choose the wifi network from the list. The users will be having a lot wifi network names in the list. Some people might have connected to their neighbour wifi networks or their own or work station. The MAC will remember the network password to reconnect it to when it is in range.

Although the other known networks are available, The users might really want to connect to the desired network all the time. Here comes the issue. The computer machine will set priority to the available wifi networks and connect respectively of that. Here is a way to change the priority of wifi networks to connect to.

Step 1:

Open “System Preferences”

Step 2:

Click “Network”

Wifi Order On MAC

Step 3:

Click on “Advanced”

Wifi Order On MAC

Step 4:

In “Wifi” tab, Drag and Drop the Preferred Networks. Place the desired network on top to connect to.

Wifi Order MAC


Step 5:

Click on “Apply” to save this order

Wifi Order MAC

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