How To Turn On / Off Auto Spell Correction On MAC

Macintosh operating system comes with the feature to correct the spelling automatically. It acts intelligent in correcting the misspelt words whereas sometimes it replaces the words with some unexpected suggestions. It’s so common that people do make typos when they type.

Along with this auto correct feature, the users can make their own shortcuts to replace the words. It can be smiley or words or sentences. It will be more useful to the users to save their time while typing such words or long sentences or searching emojicons.

This auto correct feature changes the people, company, technology related names at times. When the wrong words are replaced with the words, people do get frustrated and want to really disable this feature. Here is a way to do so, If you’re really one of them.

Step 1:

Open “System Preferences”

Step 2:

Click on “Keyboard”

Disable Auto Correction

Step 3:

In “Text” tab, Uncheck “Correct spelling automatically”.  After disabling this feature, The MAC will still underline the misspelt word in red, If it is incorrect. Right click on it get choose the correct word from the guesses.

Disable Auto Correction


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