How To Install App From An Unidentified Developers On MAC

Macintosh operating system comes with the applications loaded. Each user will have different needs to do their day-to-day tasks. For that, They need different applications. Apple does have an app store for MAC to search for the required apps. Sometimes the users can not find such ones. They start to search online to find and Ofcourse, they can get it. Here comes the issue. By default, Macintosh operating system doesn’t let the users to install apps from anywhere. It is set to install the apps from only MAC App Store.

Apple do provide an opportunity to change this settings to let the MAC install the apps which are downloaded from the internet from an identified and unidentified developers. The users will have 3 options left

MAC App Store – It will restrict MAC to install the apps only from MAC App store not from anywhere else

MAC App Store and identified developers – This option will let the MAC to install apps from app store and identified developers. The users can trust the applications from the identified developers

Anywhere – This will let the MAC to install the apps from anywhere and from any developers. The unidentified developers are who didn’t register with Apple by an identified developers. It doesn’t mean that the apps are malicious to install. Perhaps the apps were developed before the developer ID began. Apple ensures that apps aren’t tampered in the middle before it reaches it’s users, by identifying them.

The users have to choose the unidentified option at their own risk considering not to get trapped with malwares . Here is a way to choose these options.

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Step 1:

Open “System Preferences”

Step 2: 

Choose “Security & Privacy”

Allow Unidentified Developer - MAC

Step 3:

Click on “General” tab

Step 4:

At the bottom of the window, Click on the lock symbol to enter the admin password to make the changes

Allow Unidentified Developer - MAC

Step 5:

In the “Allow apps downloaded from”,  Choose the desired option to get rid of the aforementioned issue. Lock it after to prevent further changes

Allow Unidentified Developer - MAC

The same can be achieved by the below method

1. Press the Control key

2. Click on the App Icon

3. Choose “Open” from the shortcut menu

4. Click on it

This will let the MAC to open the application from an unidentified developer. By doing this, The app will be saved in exceptional list of the security settings. Thereafter the app will be opened by clicking on it as you do for the other applications.






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