How To Enable Guest User Account In MAC

The computer machines have become more intimate to the users. They would have stored all of their personal data whereas some of them are not. Your friends or colleagues or some times strangers might request you to get your computer machine to finish their urgent tasks. Some users will blink their eyes and think about data security and privacy. In order to manage this scenario, Macintosh provides Guest User Account as other operating systems do.

By enabling the guest user account the borrowers can gain access to the machine temporarily. This user account will not require any password to login to. Remote login is not supported through this account. Apple says the users can access only Safari, If FileVault is turned on. FileVault is one of the inbuilt option to encrypt your data. The files which are stored in the guest user account’s home folder will be deleted when it is logged out. Isn’t this serving the purpose without thinking of data penetration? The guest users can still access to the other partitions except the MAC partition, If such ones do exist.

Follow the instructions to enable Guest User on your MAC.

Step 1:

Open “System Preferences”

Step 2: 

Choose “Users & Groups”

Enable Guest User

Step 3:

In the left pane, the existing users will be listed along with the Guest User. Unlock with the admin password to make the changes

Enable Guest User

Step 4:

Choose “Guest User” in the left pane

Enable Guest User

Step 5:

Check the option “Allow guests to log in to this computer”. Parental Control and Shared Folders are optional. Enable them, If you want to. Lock it to prevent further changes

Enable Guest User

Step 6:

Logout this admin user. The Login screen will have the Guest User displayed. It can be logged in without the password. The user can switch between the logged in accounts using “Fast User Switch” option without logging out.

Enable Guest User



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