How To Turn On On-Screen Keyboard In MAC

Nowadays, The computer machines will not be alive without the internet. Internet has become it’s blood to fuel it. Internet provides a wide open platform for everything. Though it does There are lots of hackers do get access to the other computer machines, mainly to access the online accounts such as email accounts, bank accounts and so on. The key loggers are playing a vital role in fetching these sensitive information from the victim’s machine.

The software key loggers can be installed in the computer machines to gain access without the users’ knowledge. It will start recording each and every keystrokes of the physical keyboard. The recorded keystrokes can be read by accessing the log file of the key logger.

When we discuss about the internet security, The users have to be very careful not to get bogged in the malicious activities. In order to avoid this, The On-Screen Keyboard comes into the scene. On these days, Lot of banking websites do display the On-Screen Keyboard in their websites. Let see how to turn on it in MAC to increase the security and to be more safe.

Step 1:

Open “System Preferences”

Step 2:

Click on “Keyboard”


Step 3:

In Keyboard tab, Check ” Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in menu bar “, If it is not


Step 4:

Switch to “Input Sources” tab. Check ” Show Input menu in menu bar “, If it is not


Step 5:

Go to the menu bar and find the languages icon. Choose “Show Keyboard Viewer”

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Step 6:

Now, The On-Screen Keyboard will pop up and It can be used as the physical keyboard





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