Check sites for Heartbleed flaw with Chrome extension

We’ve known about Heartbleed for about two weeks now. The flaw existed in OpenSSL, software used by a huge number of servers around the web. Most big companies, like Google, immediately patched it, but some smaller sites may still be vulnerable. Now Trend Micro has released a free Chrome extension to let users check various websites.

To get started, head to the Chrome Web Store and install the add-on. Then head to Google Apps, where you’ll find an icon for the new service. Click on it, and a simple interface comes up in a pop-up window.


Use this to enter in the name of the website you wish to check. Then click the big blue “Check Now” button to the right of the URL entry box. The scan takes only several seconds before returning its verdict — Yes, this site safe to visit, or no, this site may be vulnerable.

There are no settings, just a very simple interface that anyone can use, regardless of his or her level of computer knowledge. It’s also free and is a good idea to check, especially before visiting smaller sites, which are more likely to have not yet been patched against this vulnerability.

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