5 Best Add-Ons To Enhance Google Drive’s Functionality

Google Drive is one of the popular cloud services on the Internet. Since, it is connected to important Google services like Gmail, Google Docs, etc., it is a primary cloud backup service for many users. In the mid of last month, Google introduced add-ons for Google drive to enhance its functionality. There are also add-ons available for Google docs and spreadsheet applications. To access these add-ons, open a file in your Google drive account, there will be a new “Add-ons” option in the top menu bar. The interface will look similar to the Chrome web store. I’ve handpicked five best applications in that and the list is as follows.


MailChimp is a bulk mail sending add-on from Google docs and sheets. If you are running a campaign or an event, this add-on will be very helpful in sending emails to all your contacts at once. If you have a set of email ids in Google docs or in a spreadsheet, you can use this add-on to send mails to all those people in just a click. All the emails you send using this add-on will not be sent via your Gmail account. It uses Merge by MailChimp to send the emails to all the users. You can send 1000 emails at once and total number of emails are limited to 6000. 


Uber Conference

If you are working on a group project or writing a collaborative document, this add-on will be very helpful for you. It is an audio conference application, which lets you talk with other members working on the document. Once you install the application, it will list all the members in the conference panel, you can send invites to the ones you need. It lets you interact with maximum of 10 people at the same time. You can see who are all joining in the live conference and it lets you record the call if you want.

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Mapping Sheets

Google Maps has an option to add your own location information in the maps to promote your business. Instead of adding your address details manually, you can use this add-on to automatically add location information from your spreadsheets. This will be very helpful for business enterprises to quickly add multiple location details quickly. From office addresses to meeting locations, all the information can be added to maps to share with your clients and other members of the team.

Lucid Chart Diagrams

People who use Flowcharts, mind maps and other related diagrammatic stuffs, Lucid Charts will be very helpful for them. It is a HTML-5 based collaboration tool, which lets you quickly draw and insert Mind Maps, Network Diagrams, Flowcharts, etc.,  into the documents and spreadshees. The interface is very simple and easy to understand. You can choose from the hundreds of shapes and the final images can be easily exported to different file formats like JPG, PDF and PNG. Also, you can import similar images from other applications and edit using Lucid Charts.

Hello Fax

Hello Fax is a must have application for people who use Fax everyday. Instead of using a physical fax machine, Hello Fax will let you send fax to anywhere in the world right from your PC. It is a premium add-on which offers first five fax copies for free. As of now, it supports more than 70 countries worldwide. The process is very simple and anyone can easily do it. Import the document or choose the document from Google drive, add fax number and send it.

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hello fax

There are plenty of  add-ons available for Google drive, these five are the ones I found most useful. Surely I’ll come with another set of useful add-ons for Google drive. If I’ve missed any of your favorite add-ons, please mention in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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