How To Rename / Change File & Extension In MAC At Ease

Macintosh operating system provides an awesome file structure to browse through the finder. It shows the files in Icon, List, Column and Cover Flow views. Each view will be useful for different purposes. Most common and productive view will be used is Column view as it lists the files in more compact way. When browse through the files the users might want to change the file names or its extensions.

It can be done in the Information window of the corresponding files. But this will be done in the separate pop up window. Some users might want to do it rapidly. Here is the easy and smartest way to do that.


Double Click and Hold on the file name. It will change the file name to editable field. The same can be applied by pressing the enter button after highlighting the file name.


App Rename


Here you can edit the file name and extension. Click on anywhere else in the finder window to exit from it. It will display a warning message, If you have changed the file’s extension. Respond to that dialog box as you wish. Now, The file will be opened in the respective application without any issues, If it was changed to MAC supported file formats.

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