Use RemoveMe to easily unsubscribe from emails

We all receive a lot of email that is really unwanted. It’s not exactly spam, and services won’t block them, but it’s messages from companies we’ve purchased a product from, or mailing lists. Most of these contain a link at the bottom to unsubscribe, but many places do their best to hide it.

However, if you use Chrome for your web browser and either Gmail, or Yahoo for your email, then there is a simpler alternative called RemoveMe. It’s a simple add-on that will make unsubscribing much easier. Head over to this site to grab it.

Once installed, head to your email service of choice and you’ll spot the extension icon at the top — or at least you will in Gmail. Scroll your mouse over email messages and you’ll notice an unsubscribe button popping up on each one.


While you can accomplish this without any add-on (in most cases), using RemoveMe makes the process a whole lot simpler. There are also no options or settings to worry about, it just works as is, and it comes for free.

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