How To Use App Switcher (Cmd + Tab) More Effectively In MAC

It’s so common that lot of windows will be opened, If the user works for long time in any computer machines. MAC is not exceptional from that. When the users have opened lots of windows, They start using App Switcher ( Cmd + Tab ) by pressing these key combinations. It is more useful to save lot of time to work with the opened applications. It helps the users to switch in between the opened applications without moving to dock.

To use it more effectively, follow the below instructions.

Press these key combinations to bring app switcher window.


Once it pops up release “Tab” button while holding “Cmd” button, hover the mouse pointer on the application icons. When the desired application is highlighted, Release the “Cmd” button to open it.

The applications can be opened by keep tapping “Tab” button continuously, while holding “Cmd” button. You can choose the way whichever you’re comfortable with.



While having the app highlighted in the App Switcher the users can do the following.

1. Press “Q” key to close the highlighted application


2. Press “H” key to Hide / Unhide the highlighted application


3. Press Up / Down arrow to see the application in “App Focus” mode

cmd_up4. This is more tricky to do. Lots of users would have searched a way to open the minimised applications through the App Switcher.

Now, Press Option key while holding the “Cmd”. Release the “Cmd” while holding “Opt” key. It will bring the minimised application from the dock.


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