How To Create Own Widget In MAC

Macintosh operating systems are coming with the widgets loaded. The users can browse the widgets in the dashboard. It can be used to perform certain tasks. The users can download more widgets from apple dashboard widget’s section. You people would have read 20 must have widgets for MAC. It lists lots of cool widgets to explore more and to be more productive.

Some times the users might want their own customised widgets to accomplish their tasks. It will be pretty fun and useful, If it can be done. Apple understands it’s users’ needs and sets a way to do that. The users can build their own widgets in Safari browser. It cannot be done using other popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox.

The widget will always fetch the information from the internet to give you the live results. This method will work for almost all the websites. Safari knows how to convert the snapped sections of the webpages into widgets.

Follow the instructions to do that.

Step 1:

Go to website which you want to create the widget from. Let’s make customised Google Search Bar. Open Safari browser and Go to Google website.

Step 2:

Go to “File” –> Click on “Open in Dashboard”

Widget Dashboard - MAC

Step 3:

Hover the mouse pointer on the section which you want to create as Widget. Safari will act very smart in snapping the sections. Now, Adjust the size of it.

Step 4:

Click on “Add” button which is at the right top corner.

Widget Dashboard - MAC


Step 5:

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You can see the widget in the Dashboard. Click on info icon to edit the size and theme of it.

Widget Dashboard - MAC

Step 6:

Edit the theme and Resize the widget as you want.

Dashboard Widget - MAC

Now, the customised widget is ready to search in google. Isn’t this cool ? Leave us the comments to share your experience.

Widget Dashboard - MAC



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