How to turn on File History in Windows 8.x

Windows 8.x comes with a lot of changes, many of which you likely already know. Obvious things like the lack of a Start menu and the introduction of Metro apps certainly jump out at any new user, but other features are hidden beneath the surface. One of those if File History, which is not turned on by default.

To access this, you can drill down into the Control Panel, but a much easier way is to simply head to the Charms menu and click on Search, then type in File History.

You’ll be taken directly to the proper location and here you will find a simple on-off switch below the dialog box. Enable file history and then choose a drive to which you want to back things up to.

file history

File History will back up all of your libraries, including ones you have created. You can’t add other files, but you can exclude some if you wish to not back them up. To do this, head over to the left column and click on “Exclude Folders”.

This should begin running automatically, but you can tap on “Run now” link just below the drive in order to start it manually. You can then restore files later if it is necessary.

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