Chrome gets a Word app, here’s what to expect

While Google tends to avoid making its apps available for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform,  the reverse can’t be said, as Microsoft apps populate the Android store. Now the software giant has gone a step further, making Office online apps for the Chrome web store.

These consist of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, however, it is Word we looking at today. It is perhaps the most widely used program in the Office suite.

To get started, simply head over to the Chrome Web Store and install the app. Once you have it, just head to browser’s apps page and click to get started. When it launches, you will find several options, including starting a new blank document, opening an existing one, or choosing a template.


The interface will be familiar to all, as well. While there are fewer options than what is contained in the desktop version, the ribbon is still present and everything works the same. Saves are moved to OneDrive, so they can later be accessed from your desktop (providing you have the cloud service installed), and opened from within the desktop version of Word.

Excel and PowerPoint work similarly, and it’s a nice option to have, especially if you need to work from a Chromebook. Best of all, each is free.


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