How To Use Caffeine App In MAC

The Macintosh portable machines are popular for its pretty great battery backup. MacBook Pro will provide around 7 -9 hrs and MacBook Air will provide around 9-12 hrs battery backup. Mactinosh OS is pretty much optimised and it knows what the user wants. The user can optimise these power consumption settings in Enery Saver in System Preferences. Though the apple provide optimised energy saver settings the user might need little different settings based on their needs.

For instance, Some of the MAC users will download some applications from the internet or they will do some uploading process etc.. Each user will have different kind of requirements which need the MAC to be awaken till it completes the process. In such case, the user can delve into the power settings to make this happen.

In the early days, The computers used to have Screensaver to let the computer not to go to the sleep mode. Nowadays, the laptops are used more. There is a saying that “Mother Of Genius Is Simplicity” which apple already does.  In this scenario, The Caffeine App provides the cool feature in single click to keep the MAC awake indefinitely or mentioned time duration. The user can download Caffeine App from the MAC app store. Once it is installed, Open the app.

Caffeine - MAC APP

It will display the start up window with options to choose from. It lets the users to automatically start Caffeine at login. The user can choose the app to be activated at launch. They can set the duration to indefinitely which means the MAC will stay awake indefinitely. It can be limited to 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours and 5 hours. Once it is launched, The user can find a coffee cup icon at the menu bar. They can right click ( ? + Click ) on it to set these settings and to activate, If it wasn’t before.

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Caffeine - MAC APP

Try it and update us in the comments.



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