5 Best Alternative Map Applications For Android Devices

Google Maps for Android is one of the best navigation app for Smartphones and Tablets. The recent updates brought more accurate navigation system throughout the world. Many leading companies like Apple, etc., tried to create  their own map application, but most of them failed. Some of the apps in Play Store outsmarted the map applications developed by many leading companies. I’ve handpicked a few of those apps and listed below.


Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

Waze quickly grabs the real time traffic using your GPS connection and update all the traffic details on your route. So, if the route you are travelling have more traffic, the app will suggest you an alternative path to reach your destination. You can connect the app to Facebook Events and see who are all travelling to the same place. If you are going for a long drive, you can read user reviews to choose the best path. It also helps you to find the cheapest gas stations in your route.

Map Factor: GPS Navigation

Map Factor is an excellent offline map application for Android. It gives a turn by turn voice navigation to safely reach your destination. The app can be installed on your SD card and the entire map can be downloaded. So, that you don’t need an Internet connection to see the route. Similar to Apple maps, 3D mode is available in the app to locate buildings and landmarks easily. Also, it will automatically adjust colors based on day and night mode for distraction free driving. The voice navigation is available in various languages.

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Maps & GPS Navigation by Sygic

Sygic Maps is one of the popular map applications for Android devices. The app can be installed on the SD Card of the device and the entire map of your location can be downloaded for offline use. It is a premium  application which comes with a seven day trial period.  Sygic maps will suggest a minimum of three alternative routes to your destination. Also, the current traffic and warning for speed cams will be displayed for the routes you search.

Map Quest

Map Quest is yet another awesome map application for Android. The quick live map will analyze the traffic on your route and suggest an alternative route to your destination. It lets you bookmark your work and home locations and update the traffic daily as you start from your home. Also, it helps you find nearby coffee shops, restaurants, gas stations, etc. If you are traveling to a new place, based on user reviews you can compare prices between different hotels, gas stations, etc.


GPS Essentials

GPS Essentials is much more than a map application for Android. The speed and accuracy of this app is much more efficient than the other map applications. You can import offline maps from other apps like Google Maps, Google Earth, etc. Similar to Google Maps, Satellite view is available to view your current location from the sky. The imported or downloaded maps on your SD Card can be modified or deleted easily. The app is ad supported.


If you are looking for an alternative to the default Google Maps on your Android device, these apps are worth giving a try. If I’ve missed any of your favorite Map and GPS applications, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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