AppCleaner To Uninstall The Apps In MAC

The MAC users will need some of the 3rd party applications to do their works. When they don’t need those applications they would be searching a way to uninstall them from their computer machines. Some people will simply delete the corresponding folders or the application icon. This will not actually delete all of its contents rather it will mess up the operating system. This might lead to OS crash or malfunctions.

In order to avoid this, the user has to uninstall all of the application’s contents. The normal end user can’t find its contents. The AppCleaner app will do this for you. All you have to do is, Download this app, install it. Follow this instruction to uninstall an app.

Step 1:

Open the application



Step 2:

Click on Applications tab. It will search and list all the installed apps in your MAC

Step 3:

Select the application which you want to delete from the list

Step 4:

Click on Search button



Step 5:

Make sure all of its contents are selected in the next window and Click on Delete button



That’s it. You’re done now. The application and all of its contents have been uninstalled from the machine completely. You can uninstall the widgets also using this application. Leave us the comments.

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