How To Transfer Slow Motion Videos From iPhone – 5S In Slow Motion Mode

iPhone 5S is launched with A7 Chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor. It makes the device to work in ultra speed. Apple unveiled new feature with iPhone 5S i.e Slow Motion video capture. It lets the users to capture the videos in slow motion mode with 120 fps. It’s really worth to give a try. After shooting the video the users want to transfer it to their computer machine. Here comes the issue. It doesn’t let the user to transfer the videos in slow motion mode. It gets transferred in normal mode. The users get disappointed as they won’t be able to watch the videos in slow motion mode.

TruSloMo has come up with the good solution to do this. The users have to download this TruSloMo app in their iPhone 5S. Hit the “Make TruSloMo Video” button and Choose the slow motion video. Set start and end positions for slow motion segment.

Slow Motion - iPhone 5S

Tap “Play” button to render the video. Once you’re done, Tap on “Done” button to prepare the video. It’ll let you to share the video in social media. Tap on done, If you don’t want to. The new slow motion video will be in your camera roll. Connect iPhone 5S to transfer the slow motion video. Now, You can watch the video which you shot in slow motion as in the same mode in your computer machine.

The app is available in Free and Paid modes. Paid app will let the user to

1. Move the slo-mo Stop point

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2. Enable multiple slo-mo sections.

It’s really worth to give a try. Update us with your comments.



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