How To Add Songs In One / Same Album In iTunes For iPhone

iTunes is the arena to work with the media tracks for iDevices and MAC. In other manufacturers devices, the media tracks can simply be copied to the external storage media. But in iDevices, The users cannot transfer media tracks without iTunes. In such case, The media tracks have to be added to iTunes library to get it transferred. Some times the tracks will not be in the same album. It will get scattered to different albums. This will be more annoying.

Here are the ways to tackle this issue to organise the album in iTunes.

Step 1: 

Open iTunes

iTunes Organize Album

Step 2:

Goto File –> Click on “Add to Library”


iTunes Organize Album


Step 3:

Choose the album which you want to add in the library and Click “Open”

iTunes Organize Album


Step 4:

The soundtracks are added to the library and you can see it’s all cluttered into multiple albums

iTunes Organize Album


Step 5:

Right click on the song and Click on “Get Info”. You can use Cmd + I keyboard shortcut to bring the same window

iTunes Organize Album


Step 6:

In the pop up window, Click on “Info” tab

Step 7:

Here edit the details as you want. Make sure the “Album Artist” and “Album” fields remain same for all the tracks. The other fields can differ.

iTunes Organize Album


Step 8:

Now, You can see all soundtracks are organised into the same album. You can sync this album to your iDevices to listen to.

iTunes Organize Album


iTunes Organize Album

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