How To Delete Partition In MAC HardDisk

MAC users would have read an article about How To Create Partition In MAC HardDisk here. There should be a way to delete, If it is created. Yes. Some users might not need the HDD partitions which they created. In such case, They can delete the partitions. But after deleting it, Users will think the free space will go nowhere. They desperately need the free space back to use. Some users will need the free space to be merged with the existing partitions.

Here are the steps to do that.

Step 1:

Open Disk Utility from the Launchpad

Step 2: 

You can see the partition and Choose the HDD not the partition

Step 3:

Click on Partition from the tabs

Step 4:

Click and choose the partition “Data 2” which you want to delete.

Step 5:

Click on the “-” sign which is down the “Data 2” partition

MAC Delete Partition


Step 6:

Now, This will unmount the partition “Data 2”

MAC Delete Partition


Step 7:

The partition is unmounted and space became free. Now, Click, hold and drag on the pointed place on the “Data” partition. This will let the users to increase the size of the chosen partition. It will bring back the free space and merge it with this partition.

As you see in the “Information” window, The size of the selected partition will increase, but the partition won’t be erased.

 Step 8:

Click on Apply

MAC Delete Partition


Step 9:

Read it carefully and Click on “Partition” button

MAC Delete Partition


Step 10:

It will verify and increase the size of the chosen partition. It will take little time depends upon the files which you have in hard disk. Now, It’s all done. You can use the free space again to store data

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MAC Delete Partition


MAC Delete Partition


MAC Delete Partition


MAC Delete Partition


 Disclaimer: The users are requested to do backup their data before making / deleting partitions in their MAC. We are not responsible for any data loss.



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