Enable a Settings window in Chrome OS

Those who use the Chrome web browser are likely familiar with how the Settings work. Click the icon at the top right of the window, choose “Settings” and a new tab will open. Those using Chrome as an operating system may be less appreciative of this, as it makes the platform feel less like an operating system.

Google is looking at changing this, as it has added an option to open the settings in a different window. This isn’t a mainstream release yet, but you can try it out, both in Chrome OS and even within the browser on a different platform. Here’s how to do it.

You’ll need to be running the developer preview version of Chrome, known commonly as Canary. For Windows users, Canary can run side-by-side with a stable version of Chrome, but on a Chromebook things get a bit more complicated. You can follow these instructions to do it, but be warned before doing so.

Once you’re in Canary, type chrome://flags into the URL bar and look for “Show settings in a Window”.


Click “Enable” to turn the feature on. There is no save button, so once you’ve enabled this then your are all done and can exit the flags page.

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