KB Shortcut to pop up Emojicons In MAC OS X – Mavericks

Emojicons is the pictorial representation and used to share the person’s mood. Apple made it more popular after adding it to their devices. It’s available in MAC OS X and iOS. In iMessage, The user can bring it by clicking on the little smiley which is at the right end of the text field. In iPhone, there is other way around to do that. But some of the people would not let their hands off the keyboard to be more productive. For such kind of people, This is great KB shortcut to make it possible.

Here are the tricky steps.

Step 1:

Open iMessage

Step 2:

Choose the recipient and Click on the reply field.

MAC Emoji


Step 3:

Here is the trick. Now, Press these key combinations together to pop up the emojicons window

Ctrl ? Spacebar

This KB shortcut will work in majority of text fields like Email compose box, Browsers, TextEdit etc.. Try it out and leave us your comments.

Step 4:

You can choose any emoji from it. Still, to be more productive you can use Shift and Tab + Shift to traverse in between the emoji sections.


MAC Emoji


Step 5:

You can see the search bar at the top, If you scroll the window to the top.

MAC Emoji


Step 6:

You can type the name of the emoji such as “Wink” etc..

MAC Emoji


If you want to use the emojicons for longtime, You can drag it out of the text field to detach it. It will stay forever until you hit the close button. The tiny list button in the top right of the window will bring the character viewer to see all the special characters.

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MAC Emoji



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