How To Partition MAC HardDisk

MAC machines are coming with single partition in its hard disk. When discuss about electronic devices nobody can provide guarantee for it. It might fail at anytime. It’s the user’s responsibility to backup their HDD at regular intervals. Apple do sell AirPort Time Capsule in 2TB / 3TB in their stores. The user can use this device as time machine to do backups. There are other ways around to save the data, If only the Operating System gets crashed. By creating partitions in HDD this can be done. The user can connect their HDD to some other computer machines using some external HDD cases to backup their Non – OS partitions.

Here are the steps to create partition in MAC

Step 1:

Open Disk Utility from the Launchpad

MAC HDD Partition

Step 2: 

You can see the partition and Choose the HDD not the partition

MAC HDD Partition

Step 3:

Click on Partition from the tabs

MAC HDD Partition

Step 4:

Here you can see 2 partitions. Now 3rd partition is going to be created from 2nd. In your case, It might be one that is OS partition. “Data” partition is selected through single click whereas it might be MAC partition in your machine.

Step 5:

Click on + sign from down the “Data” partition

MAC HDD Partition

Step 6:

Now, you can change name for the new partition. Leave the format as “MAC OS Extended (Journaled)” You can change the size of it, If you want to.

Step 7:

Click on Apply

MAC HDD Partition

Step 8:

It will display you a warning message. Click on Partition button

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MAC HDD Partition

 Step 9:

It will verify, shrink and mount the disk. It will take little time depends upon the files which you have in hard disk.

MAC HDD Partition



MAC HDD Partition



MAC HDD Partition

Step 10:

You can see the new partition in the finder. Now, You can start using this partition to save the files.

MAC HDD Partition


You can see the info to ensure the partition size.

MAC HDD Partition

 Disclaimer: The users are requested to do backup their data before making partitions in their MAC. We are not responsible for any data loss.



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