How To Set Favourite Ringtone In iPhone

iPhone arrives with set of ringtones. Some of the users might have thought to set their favourite tone as ringtone and dropped their thought for not finding a way to do so. The user cannot set normal mp3 or other known formatted sound files as ringtone in iPhone. It needs the sound file in *.m4r (example: ringtone.m4r) format. There are apps available in the MAC app stores to edit and convert the ringtones to the supported format. You can get such kind of ringtone maker apps from here. After having edited, Here are the steps to set the customised ringtone in iPhone.

Step 1: 

Open iTunes in your MAC

Set ringtone in iPhone

Step 2: 

Click on the category drop down list

Set ringtone in iPhone

Step 3:

Change the category to Tones from the list

set ringtone iPhone

Step 4:

File –> Click on Add to Library

set ringtone iPhone

Step 5:

Navigate to the folder in which the ringtone is saved and Choose it

Step 6:

Click on Open button

set ringtone iPhone

Step 7:

Make it check in iTunes

set ringtone iPhone

Step 8:

Check Sync Tones and Choose the ringtone from the list

Step 9:

Click on Apply and Sync it

set ringtone iPhone

Step 10:

Once the sync is completed, Eject the iPhone, Goto Settings –> Tap on Sounds

set ringtone iPhone

Step 11:

Click on Ringtone

set ringtone iPhone

Step 12:

Tap on the synced ringtone from the list. All set now. You will hear your favourite ringtone when anyone rings you ! set ringtone in iPhone




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