How To Add Ebooks From MAC To iPhone & iPad

Many people are fond of reading the books. It was quite discomfort to carry the books to the places which we go. As the technology grows, slowly the ebooks started to replace the books. Nowadays, everyone holds a smartphone. It almost changed the way of using the phones. People are using it for phone calls, listening to music, watching movies, reading, writing, internet surfing and etc.

It is very handy to carry all the books in electronic format with no waste of papers. Most of the people who owns an iPhone or iPad would have felt to have ebooks in it. But they might have not found the proper way to do that. Here are the simple steps to do it.

Step 1:

Open iBooks in your MAC machine


Step 2:

Go to File –> Click on Add to Library


Step 3:

Now a window will popup. Navigate to the folder in which you have ebooks. Choose the ebooks. Click on Add button


Step 4: 

Click on PDFs tab at the left hand side of iBook. It will showcase the added ebooks.


Step 5: 

Connect your iPhone or iPad to MAC. Go to iTunes.

Step 6:

Click on your iPhone / iPad in it.ebook

Step 7:

You will see the tabs of  an iPhone / iPad at the top. Choose “Books” tab.

Step 8: 

Choose the ebooks which you want to sync with. Check the “Sync Books” option.

Step 9:

Click on “Sync” button to import all the chosen ebooks from your MAC to iPhone / iPad

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Step 10:

Open iBooks app in iPhone / iPad.

Step 11:

Change the collections in the list to PDF. Now, you can see all the transferred ebooks in it. Choose an ebook and Start reading it in your iPhone / iPad.



Your comments are welcome ! Let us know, If you experience any issues in having brought ebooks to iPhone / iPad



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