Stop Java from installing adware

Two of the most popular additions to Windows are Java and Flash. While neither is specifically necessary, both are mostly widely utilized across the web, and therefore many users end up installing each. Java, however, comes with adware bundled into it, and less-than-wary users will get stuck with this if not careful.

The setup process for new Java installs and updates sets a couple of things to be default, relying on the user to click right on past, as many do. One is installing the Ask toolbar, the other is setting Ask as the default search choice for your browser — Google Chrome in the below image.


These boxes are checked during the installation process, and customers need to pay attention, as opposed to the easy answer of simply continuing to click “next”.

Java is updated quite regularly, thanks to its ongoing security problems and this problem manifests with every one of those updates. So the next time that little box pops up from your system tray, prompting you to update Java, pay attention to the process and don’t just click by the boxes.

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