Minuum: A New One Line Smart Keyboard For Android Devices

Since Android is an open source, it has more customizing options than the other mobile operating systems. Plenty of launchers and personalizing apps were available or Android devices. The default Android keyboard can be replaced by third party keyboard apps. Also, it gives much more options than the default ones. Previously, I’ve discussed about the alternative keyboard apps for Android. Today I’ve come with a new innovative keyboard app called Minnum, which is entirely different from all the existing keyboard apps in the Android Play store. It is a single line keyboard with unique functionality and here’s how it works.


Minuum is a premium keyboard app, you can download the trial application to try the app 30-days for free. All the premium features will be available in the app. Both the trial and premium links are available below. Once you complete the installation, it will walk you the instructions. Since it is completely different from the regular Qwerty type keyboards, it will take some time for you to understand the functionality. The keyboard is pretty fast and accurate. No matter how fast you type, it will quickly give you the suggestions for both dictionary words and the other words you type.


The keyboard will have the numbers and symbols on the top, then you have the alphabets. Minuum follows the Qwerty key arrangement, but will be in a single line. The keyboard will quickly understand your typing method and suggest words, according to that. As of now, it supports six languages. You can download all of them, even when you are using trial application. More than 800 emojis were available by default and you can quickly cut, copy and paste  the text, with the help of this keyboard.

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One of the important advantages of this keyboard app is, it saves a lot of space in your screen. All the regular keyboard will occupy half of the screen and the text area will be very less. Using Minuum, you can see a large view of previous messages and the currently typing text. Since it occupies a very less area, it will be very helpful for people who use Smart watches. When you are not sure about the word or if you have a large finger, you can easily magnify the word by just holding it.

If you are looking for an alternative keyboard for your Android device, Minuum will be a great choice. Try the app and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Trial Version of Minuum

Download Full Version of  Minuum



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