Got a Chromebook? Google wants give you free stuff

Chromebooks are increasingly becoming a force in the notebook market, and a growing worry for Microsoft, which has attacked them in a couple of Scroogled video ads. The ads are largely baseless, and filled with misinformation, however. I use both platforms, and find that each has a place in my life.

But, Google doesn’t stop by just offering the open source Linux-based operating system and selling some models of the Chromebook through the Play store, the company also offers incentives.

Head over to this Chromebook Support site to get started. Here is a list of the things you can expect to find, and bear in mind that some are limited time offers.


The site is a mix of FAQ and offers. As for the top question, “Which offers are available on each Chromebook”, the answer is, for the most part, all offers are available for every model.

Now the real question is, what all do you get? First is a Google Drive offer for extra storage space, free for two years — three if you purchase a Pixel. You will get 100 GB of extra storage with this offer, and there are no plans to expire the redemption program as of now.

Play Music is also part of the list, though this one must be redeemed by September 30th of this year. You will get a 60-day free trial of the service — which I highly recommend if its in your area, as I use it daily and have subscribed since it launched.

Finally, there is GoGo, but it is only available in the US and to a limited number of the Chromebooks offered, so we’ll leave that one for now.

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While the Music offer will only affect some of you, the Drive option should encompass many of those reading this. It’s a good deal, making the prices of a Chromebook even more enticing.



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