Enable rude words and disable personalized suggestions in Google Keyboard

For Android users, Google Keyboard has come a long way over the years. It has taken a leaf out of SwiftKey and Swype’s books, adding swiping and a number of other features beyond basic touchscreen typing. The latest addition to the app is Personalized Suggestions which pulls in words, phrases and names from other Google services to provide better autocomplete suggestions.

While Google says that this information does not leave your phone or tablet, you may still regard it as something of a privacy concern and you may prefer to disable it. Head to Settings in Android and move to Language and input in the Input and control section. Tap the gear icon next to the Google Keyboard entry.



Scroll down to the Personalised suggestions section and tap it to clear the check box.


From this point forward, Google Keyboard will stop offering you suggestions from other Google apps and services you use.

While you are adjusting settings you may also want to tweak the language filter that is in place. Simply clear the check box labelled Block offensive words.


You’ll now find that when you try to swipe more ‘adult’ words, the suggestions you expect to appear will indeed show up. Enjoy!

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