Amazon updates Cloud Drive, here’s how to get and use it

Cloud storage is all around us these days, from personal services like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox, to full-hosting services for business, such as Amazon S3 and Windows Azure. But most of you are likely just interested in the personal side, not enterprise solutions. For that, one strong competitor is Amazon Cloud Drive.

Amazon has recently updated the desktop app for Windows and current customers should have received a notice via email. However, if you did not get this message, or haven’t yet installed the service, then here’s what to do it.

Start off by heading to this Amazon page — your download should begin immediately, but if it doesn’t, then follow the instructions there to trigger it.

Once downloaded, click the executable file to begin the setup process. Beware that, despite it coming directly from Amazon, Windows 8.x still claims an “unknown publisher” and prompts you with a warning.


Once installed, access it quite simple. Head to Explorer and you should spot “Cloud Drive” in the left column. Click on it and you’ll be presented with the folders that are installed by default.


Much like any other area in Explorer, you can add and remove folders and also drag and drop files. Everything placed into this area will be backed up to Amazon’s cloud storage service. You will get 5 GB for free, but additional space can be purchased.

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