Make Your FireFox Browsing, Downloads and Uploads Faster with FasterFox

Choosing a web browser that browse fasts, download and upload files better is always a choice one has to make. Most of us use Google chrome because of its loading times. Firefox isn’t a slow browser but extensions like FasterFox make it much better. It’s a simple and effective extension that can make you browse fast, make your downloads and uploads even faster.

FasterFox comes with many tweaks like cache, rendering, pipe-lining, giving you the ability to customize your settings or use the already given presets. It optimizes the browser to your liking.


Here’s how it works. After installing the extension, you’ll see a small icon in bottom left of your browser. Right click on it and click on options. You’ll be taken to the presets menu. You can, from there, choose from 3 presets. Courteous/Light preset that will be used for rendering tweaks only, it won’t increase web server load. Optimized/Medium preset that optimizes the network for increased performance or the Turbo charged/Strong preset, which is enabled by default when you install, it maximizes your browser’s performance, exceeds RFC specs (increases load to web servers).

If you know what you need, click on custom settings.

FasterFox Custom

You’ll see 5 new tabs of settings you can set. Cache, where you can change your browsers and DNS cache preferences. Connection, where you can change your HTTP connection preferences by allowing or disallowing max connections per server or proxy (increases number of connections helps a great deal for pages with number of images or other content). Pipelining which allows multiple requests to be sent to the server without waiting for responses to the previous requests. Rendering, where you can choose how many pages should be in firefox’s history allowing them to be available immediately upon clicking the back or forward button. And popups where you can disable popups from plugins or pages.

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It does not matter if you don’t want to use custom settings, it’s Turbo charged/strong preset does the job VERY well. I tested a youtube video using the same preset and I could spot the difference by a mile.

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