Easily Create Presentations Using Your Camera, Microphone and Images

Are you looking to easily creating an interactive presentation? Look no more, presenting MoveNote. It’s a great service which gives you the ability to build a presentation using your webcam and microphone along-with the option of adding any photos, power point files and more.

MoveNote is a free service which takes you off from the writing part and add in content from any source you want. You can use your computer, tablet or even a smartphone to record a presentation / video of yourself teaching which you can share with anyone via email, SMS or social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

To get started, just visit the site and register for a free account. After that, give access to your microphone and camera and click on +Create New. On the right panel, you’ll see your webcam and mic.


You can setup your video and microphone settings from there. You can choose from your default microphone settings, Stereo Mix, Line etc. After setting required things, click on Add Slides. You can, from there, upload slide content from your computer. Recommended formats are PDF, JPG and PNG. You can also add a PowerPoint slide in it as well.

Create a presentation

From there, you can either choose a file from your computer or access your files saved in your Google Drive.

Select a file

After selecting your files, MoveNote will automatically convert them to the desired format and add them in your presentation. You can re-order the images to your needs. After that, just start recording and after you’re done, click on Save & Preview. You can also add a link button to the end of your presentation, follow viewer statistics to know who watched your presentation and much more.

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It supports Google chrome and IOS.

Check out MoveNote here.



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