Java installed crapware — here’s how to remove it

There is an increasing number of programs that come with adware, also known as crapware, with them. This isn’t malicious software, as it comes from legitimate companies, but it can provide an annoying experience, adding toolbars and changing search options, among other things.

Two such popular programs that do this are Java and Flash. Both enable the installation by default and rely on customers missing the option as they click through the installation process. If you have fallen victim to this during a Java setup then there is an easy way to get rid of the junk. Here’s what to do.

Start off by heading to the Control Panel and clicking Programs, followed by Programs and Features. Now scroll down to locate the Ask Toolbar and click the Uninstall option.


Ask, which produces this toolbar, offers a stand-alone removal tool, though the company doesn’t advertise this. You can grab that from APN Application Remover.


This same process will work for any software that installs the Ask toolbar on your system, and other programs that are bundled with these types of apps can frequently be removed via the same process. In some cases, you may need to head to the extensions section in your browser settings to eliminate other messes.

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