Export Chrome bookmarks to HTML

Chrome has a syncing option that makes life easy when installing it on a new system, or re-installing on an existing computer. But there are folks out there who, for whatever reason, don’t fully trust Google and don’t want to create an account, which is required for Chrome login and syncing.

In that case, you are going to want to export the bookmark file to HTML — something that is also handy for those using sync, just in case something goes wrong one day. Here are some simple steps to do it.

Start off by heading to the tools menu at the top right (it’s  the three bars icon), then moved down to “Bookmarks” and choose “Bookmark Manager”.


Tap the “Organize” button to produce a drop-down menu. At the bottom you will find options for both importing and exporting the file via HTML.


Chrome will allow you to choose any location on your network to store the file. It may be recommended that you choose an external drive for backup, just in case it’s needed. Just remember the location, in case you someday need to restore it. Restoration is a simple matter of following the same process and choosing “Import”.

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