Access Apps on a new tab in Chrome

Open a new tab in the latest version of Chrome and you’ll find that you are presented with a page that includes a search box and links to your recently visited pages. In previous versions of the browser it was possible to configure preferences so that a list of apps was displayed instead, but this feature is now sadly absent. Until you install the New Tab Redirect extension.

Grab yourself a copy of this free extension by paying a visit to the Chrome Web Store and click the Free button to start the installation, followed by Add to confirm.


At the welcome screen that appears, click the Set Options link. In the address box, enter chrome://apps/ as the address and click the Save button.


You can set the new tab page to automatically open any link you like, and there are a number of quick link buttons available on the setup page that can be used to quickly change the setting without the need to type the address by hand.


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