Turn a Chrome tab into two separate windows with NiftySplit

When conducting online research, it can be a pain constantly switching between tabs or windows. You may use one tab to browse through a set of search results and open a series of links in new tabs — you then have to flick back and forth between tabs to check different sites. A great alternative exists in NiftySplit which splits a single tab in two, with the right hand side being used to display the contents of the links you click to the left.

NiftySplit is a free browser extension which you can grab by paying a visit to the Chrome Web Store. Click the Free button to start the download and click Add to confirm.


With the extension installed, you can then right click on any link and select the Open as NiftySplit window option from the menu that appears.


A second Chrome window will open and the two instances of Chrome will be resized so each occupies half of the screen.


You can then continue to click link in the left hand window and each page will be loaded to the right so you don’t have to keep navigating back and forth.

When you no longer need the second NiftySplit window, you can simply close it and continue using Chrome as normal.

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